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Who We Are


TS Community Foundation, founded in 1999, is a 501©(3) organization designed to help giving people achieve more with their donations. The foundation is committed to developing long-term prosperity in the local communities, and a charitable process which gives donors more financial flexibility. 

TS Community Foundation strives to help identify community needs, facilitate education efforts, and build up leaders, one individual and one family at a time. The foundation desires is to be a catalyst for positive change and growth in our communities for generations to come.

How We Help Communities

“Our number one desire is to be a catalyst for positive change and growth in our communities for generations to come,” stated Mick Guttau, TS Community Foundation Chairman. 

TS Community Foundation is a conduit for a number of community projects, such as the Treynor Eagle Monument, the Optimist Playground project, and Vision Treynor which allows individuals and families to donate money that becomes a tax-deductible gift.


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Treynor Eagle Monument
Local residents helped build monument in honor of local veterans
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Optimist Playground
The Treynor Optimist took on the project of updating playground equipment in a local park
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East Park Splash Pad
Local residents desiring to have a fun, safe water area for their kids to enjoy in town
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TS Institute
Financial Literacy Program for SW Iowa and now Illinois and North Dakota
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Vision Treynor Group
A Family Recreation Complex for community members and central hub for activities
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High School Band Uniforms
Creative ways to gift particular to your interested and passions
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High School Scholarships
Means to recognize education and student achievements
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Family Memorial Funds
A way to honor a loved one and legacy planning

How Does it Work?



Set up a fund within TS Community Foundation.



Ask Community Members to donate to your cause.



Community members can donate money through the TS Community Foundation 501(c)(3) non-profit as a tax-free donation that is allocated toward your specific fund.




Complete your project!

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How We Help Donors

Looking for ways to give back?  Are you seeking tax-deductible options? We can help! Fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Of, if you are ready to donate now, click the button below to make a donation through PayPal.

Donate Now

We partner with the Pottawattamie County Community Foundation to offer the Endow Iowa tax credit opportunity for contributors to endowment funds. Donations to the TS Community Foundation may be tax deductible for gifts to non-profit agencies.

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